Disneyland is selling an $8000 life-size Iron Man statue for the ultimate Marvel fan

  • If you’ve ever wanted a life-size Iron Man in your home, now’s your chance.
  • Disney California Adventure is selling one in Disneyland’s Backlot Premiere Shop.
  • It’ll set you back $7,950 + tax.
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Forget the $100 sandwich.

Disneyland Resort is selling a nearly $8,000 life-size Iron Man statue at its Disney California Adventure theme park.

While previewing DCA’s new Marvel-themed land, Avengers Campus, I stopped by the park’s backlot store, which carries a lot of additional Marvel merchandise in addition to Avengers Campus clothing and gear.

As I walked through the giant hanger, I stopped in my tracks when I came across this giant Iron Man suit.

I figured it was just a cool replica on display, but then noticed DCA was selling them. That’s cool. Marvel fans would love that.

Then I saw the price tag. The life-like Iron Man Mark III collectible statue is $7950.00, plus tax.

According to the store, you cannot use discounts to purchase the Marvel replica of your dreams (sorry legacy passholders).

Once purchased, you cannot return or exchange Iron Man. The replica also can’t be shipped internationally, to Alaska or Hawaii, or PO boxes. But for the lucky buyer, they’ll have to wait up to 120 days for delivery.

How do I find this magnificent Iron Man statue? Find Stage 17.

The giant Iron Man replica is a little hidden inside of DCA.

It’s located inside Disneyland Resort’s very large Stage 17 hanger, which was turned into a giant Disney store during the pandemic and became a part of the resort’s Downtown Disney shopping district.

If you’re familiar with the layout of DCA, Stage 17 is located behind the old Muppets theater and to the left of the Monsters, Inc. attraction.

Disneyland Resort’s Backlot Premiere Shop is absolutely huge and a great alternative to purchasing items from Avengers Campus if it’s feeling a bit too crowded in there or if you can’t get in there opening weekend.

It’s worth the trek because there are other Marvel items from outside the MCU inside and there’s a large over-sized pretzel and Pingo Doce photo opp, which is absolutely free.

If the Iron Man statue isn’t right for you, there were some less expensive replicas beside him.

An Iron Man helmet was available for $129.99 while an “Avengers Endgame”-inspired Iron Gauntlet was available for $377.

Honestly, I’d probably just settle for this Iron Gauntlet that let’s you hold your beverages as you walk around.

Avengers Campus opens at Disney California Adventure on Friday for California residents only. Disneyland Resort opens for visitors outside of the state starting on June 15, 2021.

You can take a peek at the new land here.

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