Emily in Paris filming locations you can visit from the bakeries to glam hotels

The third season of Emily in Paris landed on Netflix at the end of December and it's proven as popular as ever.

The TV show following the life of a culturally insensitive American marketing "genius" who moves to Paris is somewhat controversial.

But, the fun fashion, intriguing romances and gorgeous setting has cemented the show as a feel-good go-to.

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In fact, Emily in Paris has seen searches for the French city skyrocket as holidaymakers get inspired by her adventures and flock to the City of Light to have their own.

Anyone wanting to be just like Emily will, of course, visit all the classic tourist destinations from the Eiffel Tower to the Louvre and the Champs-Élysées.

While we wouldn't recommend copying Emily and getting frisky on the Roue de Paris, there are plenty of locations you can visit and channel your inner Emily, from those glorious bakeries to the ridiculously cool hotels she and her friends frequent.

So wear your best and most flamboyant outfit before heading to Paris for your Emily moment – and check out the top five filming locations you'll want on your radar…

Place de l’Estrapade

Plenty of us have watched the show and envied Emily’s flash apartment.

While we’re not sure how she affords such a great place, the view is stunning and perfect for those many, many selfies she takes.

You can find where both Emily and Gabriel live on The Place de l’Estrapade, an iconic little square with fountains and benches to relax on.

Plus, you can grab a pain au chocolat at the same bakery Emily gets her first from when she arrives in Paris at the Boulangerie Moderne right on location.

The jardin du Palais Royal

Head to the beautiful landscaped gardens of the 17th Century palace and you'll find glorious spots to enjoy a picnic, daydream a little or simply take in the opulent views that ooze Parisian luxury.

This tourist spot is where Emily met her best friend Mindy. You can do as Emily did and grab a sandwich from a nearby bakery or cafe and tuck in while lounging in the gardens.

Alternatively, it’s a super romantic spot for a date.

While the area was once the place where people came to hear the latest news and political rumours it’s now a great place to watch the world go by.

Hôtel Molitor Paris

Those looking to relax and catch some rays may hope to head to the pool.

In Emily in Paris the heroine and her best friend Mindy lounge on the poolside at the Molitor hotel and Parisian bathhouse.

The beach club was restores in 2014 so you can head on down (though you might not get free sunscreen like Emily).

Café de Flore

As one of the oldest coffee houses in Paris, the Cafe de Flore has a rich history and has seen many famous faces – including Lily Collins while playing Emily.

The character is told all about the cafe while sitting in one of its outdoor seats.

You can pull up a chair and people watch just like Emily did – and sip on their famous hot chocolate.

If you love TikTok you've probably seen similar drinks going viral as the thick Parisian hot chocolate is served with bowls of whipped cream to plonk into your cup yourself.

It's a real treat!

The Atelier des Lumières

This unusual art exhibition is one of Paris’ most modern museums.

Unlike the Louvre, it shows digital artworks set to immersive music.

Be like Emily and sit down to soak up the gallery and feel transported to another world.

Emily, Camille and Gabriel came to the exhibition and commented that they felt they were inside a painting.

Maybe you’ll feel like you’re inside the Netflix show…

Bistrot Valois

Emily gets together with her colleagues at the end of the second episode in this eatery not far from the Louvre and Palais-Royal.

It has a fabulous veranda where you can enjoy the bustle of the city.

Plus, it's rated one of the best restaurants in the area and serves delicious cheeses, French delicacies and steak which Emily is a fan of.

Clover Gordes

If you’re willing to leave the capital to explore more of France then head to Provence where Emily showcased the new lavender champagne.

While in the countryside, Emily ate at the L’Esprit de Luberon restaurant.

This scene was actually shot at Clover Gordes – a fabulous eatery surrounded by lavender fields and olive trees in the Luberon valley.

As part of the Airelles Gordes hotel you can stay or dine here – apparently the cast and crew ate here multiple times.


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