Flight attendant shares what passengers should ‘never’ do to get upgrade – ‘massive no-no’

Flight attendant gives examples of what not to do on an aircraft

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Flight attendant Dan Air has revealed what passengers should “never do” if they are trying to get an upgrade or better treatment on a long flight.

He explained the first thing travellers should avoid has to do with the call bell above a passenger’s head: “Call bells are for emergencies only. If you press it and you’re not having a heart attack and the wing isn’t on fire, then you’re going to have a really good reason why your finger is connected with it in the first place.

“Also it’s not a toy, so if your child keeps pressing it we will be popping the little cherub into the overhead locker for the remainder of the flight.”

He continued by saying “don’t touch us”.

“This is not, I repeat NOT a petting zoo.

“Poking me, prodding me, or pulling on my polyester is not the way to get my attention.

“And never, EVER click your fingers at me.”

For Dan, however, the most important thing is “definitely the manners”.

“Please take your headphones out when we ask if you’d like anything from the trolley, I will not be repeating myself.

“Ignore me once, shame on you. Ignore me twice and you’ll be going hungry for the rest of the flight.

“And while we’re on the subject of the trolley, please don’t take your frustrations out on your crew if we haven’t got your first choice of meal, or drink, or sandwich etc.

“You’re on an aircraft, not seated at a Michelin starred restaurant.”

Dan continued: “I was always raised that manners don’t cost a thing. These days manners seem to be a rarity.

“A simple please and thank you goes a long way. Treat other people how you’d like to be treated.

“Indeed, getting upset and angry with us, in general, is a massive no-no.

“We agree it’s rubbish that your flights have been cancelled, that you’ve missed your connection, that the flights delayed. Believe us when we say we’re just as pissed off as you are. I’d much rather be at home too, but instead, I’m stuck here listening to you shout at me…”

In terms of service, he explained: “Don’t use the line ‘What do you have?’ It’s literally one of our biggest pet peeves.

“We make endless announcements regarding the food and drinks we have onboard, especially if you’re flying low-cost. We have so many options for you to choose from, but we also have another 200 people to serve,” he explained.

“Don’t walk about without your shoes or even worse without your shoes and socks on! You wouldn’t walk about in Tesco barefoot?”

But most importantly, he said, “stay out of the galley”.

“The galley is for crew use only. It is not, I repeat NOT a child’s playground, your personal stretching space or somewhere you should linger for longer than a minute whilst waiting for the loo.”

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