‘I’m a flight attendant and you should never move seats before take off’

There are plenty of things flight attendants know about planes and airline rules that we passengers have never heard of.

Whether that’s never to drink the hot water on board or why the windows must always be up on departure.

And, while some of the things they speak about are due to safety – other advice offered by cabin crew is simply because some actions annoy them.

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Air hostess Kristina recently explained why you should never buzz your flight attendant to get you water.

She said: “Number one – don’t push the call button for asking for a cup of water because our job is hard!”

But, other cabin crew members have spoken up about the annoying things passengers do – and why you should avoid doing them too.

On a recent Reddit thread, someone asked: “Tell me all the things passengers are doing that annoy flight attendants.”

And, one airline worker said that moving seats before take off is a massive faux pas.

Lots of people attempt to do this when they think a better seat is empty or they want to sit next to their family.

The flight attendant explained: “Moving seats without telling me or asking.

“Just because the seat is empty right now doesn't mean it will remain so.

“There are late connections, standby passengers etc that board at the last moment because they need to be cleared”

Other crew members agreed with them and chimed in with their opinion on the matter.

One person said: “OMG, yes, or the people who say: ‘Well that whole row was open when I checked in’. That’s not how it works at all, those seats get filled as people check in.

“And then there’s the people who get to their seat to find someone else in it (who’s probably just in the wrong row) and rather than get a [flight attendant] or ask that person what seat they have, they just PICK A DIFFERENT ONE.

“And then the next person does the same thing, and then there ends up being six people in wrong seats instead of just taking care of the problem from the beginning.”

  • 'I'm a flight attendant – passengers should never call us to get them water'

While another said: “Yes, most of the time when someone is in someone else's seat, I just find out what seat the person was supposed to be in and mostly the other person is fine taking that seat.

“It's when they do what you describe that I now have to play musical boarding pass to find out where the empty seat is.”

So, if you want to be in your air host or hostesses good books stay in your seat!


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