‘I’m a flight attendant – you should go to DIY shops before boarding a plane’

A flight attendant has revealed why you may want to head to a DIY shop before boarding your next flight.

Going on holiday is always exciting, but navigating airports, luggage restrictions and hotel safety can be tricky – which is why when members of cabin crew share their secrets, we listen.

Now, one aviation pro has revealed some simply hacks you can use to make the journey easier, and all it takes is a couple of extra items in your bag.

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Flight attendant Cici shared her top three tips on TikTok where she said the DIY items can make travelling go more smoothly.

She recommends investing in a set of bungee cords, shoe covers and metal carabiners (that’s small metal clips used by climbers).

Cici noted that the shoe covers, which are usually a paper or plastic type foot glove, can be slipped on when you need to take your shoes off to go through security.

It’s not always guaranteed that you will have to do so, but if you opt for heels, boots or chunky sole shoes you’ll likely have to remove them unless the airport has a newer shoe scanner that lets you keep them on.

The shoe covers can be easily slipped over your bare feet so you don’t have to walk across the dirty floor in your naked feet or socks.

The flight attendant said: "When you're going through TSA (Transportation Security Administration), just slip your shoes off, put these on and walk through the security scanner germ-free."

Cici also noted that you can pop them on any shoes that go in your suitcase – that way the soles won’t wipe dirt onto your clean clothes. Shower caps will also work for this.

The flight attendant, who has 375,000 followers, @cici.inthesky, is keen about "improving travel" according to her bio.

To do just that, Cici also recommended buying some bungee cords – you can find them cheaply enough online from around £4.

She said you can hook the cords through the handle of your suitcase and use them to bind together your backpack, handbag, pillow or other luggage with a wheeled case.

That way they all stick together and you only need one hand to pull the lot along with you.

Plus, Cici noted that if your handle breaks on your suitcase you can use a bungee cord to pull the bag along without hurting yourself.

Finally, the air hostess said to get yourself some carabiner clips.

She commented: "Use these to attach your water bottle to your bag so they don't fall on people's heads when you put it in the overhead bin. It's happened a lot."

You can use it to attach whatever you like to your bag like neck pillows, your wallet or other objects you need easy access to.

In the comments, people loved Cici’s recommendations.

One woman said: "I am a flight attendant, new to me, love it."

Another posted noted: "Omggg the shoe covers it’s so smart! I always freak out about that."

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