Inside forbidden Monkey Island where thousands of disease-ridden primates prowl

The world is full of weird and wonderful places, from the 'most alien place on earth' to an island entirely inhabited by snakes.

You may think you need to head to exotic lesser-known spots to find them, but there's actually one bizarre spot right in the US.

That's because if you head to 'Monkey Island', you'l find an island filled with – you guessed it – monkeys.

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The island, just off the coast of Beaufort, South Carolina, is actually called Morgan Island and is around 2,000 acres large.

Approximately 4,000 monkeys live there

The colony was actually created in 1979, after rhesus macaque monkeys carrying viral herpes B infections escaped a research centre in Puerto Rico, and caused outbreaks in the local population.

In response, South Carolina offered up an uninhabited island where the monkeys could live and "self-sufficiently" breed.

However the island has been surrounded by controversy as it doubles up as a research spot, with some animals being used for medical testing. (Although this testing does not take place on the island itself).

Because the island is now both owned and managed by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resource, humans aren't allowed to visit, so you can't go and wander around.

However there are some boat tours which sail around the spot if you want to catch a glimpse of the animals.

There's also a stark warning for potential rule-breakers, as the monkeys are extremely territorial, not to mention they could be carrying a number of diseases.


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