Lessons learned from acquisitions and setting expectations

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This week on Trade Secrets, we go inside Epperly Travel’s 2021 acquisition of Jetset World Travel, and subsequent rebranding to Jetset, with founder and CEO Lindsey Epperly. She recounts lessons learned — for instance, her business partner and husband Jeremy Sulek’s mantra “silence breeds insecurity” — and we hear the proof in the pudding about good communication from one of her affiliates, Emma Major, founder of Major Traveler. Then, we open the Trade Secrets mailbag to answer a potpourri of questions from listeners with Lindsey and Emma, ranging from transitioning to travel from a previous career, to converting ocean cruisers to river cruisers and beyond.

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Jetset World Travel: https://jetsetworldtravel.com

Email Lindsey: [email protected]

Major Traveler: https://majortraveler.com

Email Emma: [email protected]

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