Parents share lies they told kids when toys went missing and it’s pretty funny

A missing teddy bear can cause a child to suffer some serious heartbreak, so it's no surprise that parents want to comfort them as much as possible.

But it turns out that when it comes to explaining why teddy has gone missing, it turns out the truth isn't always the go-to option.

In fact, research commissioned by HomeAway has found that 57 per cent of parents will simply lie, and they're getting pretty creative with their fibs.

We're talking everything from teddy bears on holidays to be stolen by ghosts or living on the moon.

After all, with 43 per cent of parents saying they considered ending a family holiday early because of the loss of a cuddly toy, it turns out the unofficial family member really does have a huge impact on how your trip goes.

To give parents a helping hand, the holiday rentals company has launched HomeAway Teddy Express, a service which guarantees to send home any cuddly toys left behind in its partners' holiday rentals.

The best part is that the service is FREE – no doubt reassuring when you consider that on average UK parents would spend £175 to get their child's toy back once lost on holiday.

And as four fifths of kids in the UK have a favourite soft toy that goes everywhere with them, it could put the odds in parents' favours of getting them back.

Not to mention it means there's no need to come up with a reason why the toys have gone walkabout.

Top lies parents tell children about missing toys

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