Queen Elizabeth: Monarch has bizarre technique when travelling on long haul flights

Queen Elizabeth has undertaken a great number of trips abroad as the leading member of the Royal Family. She has travelled great distances on these royal visits which have seen her taking long-haul flights. Such lengthy journeys can take their toll on the human body with jet lag proving a nightmare for some travellers. The Queen may be the monarch but she is not immune to the pains of jet lag.

Queen Elizabeth: Monarch has bizarre technique when travelling long haul – do you do it too?

However, Queen Elizabeth has an unusual remedy for dealing with the classic travel problem.

She does not reach for the sleeping tablets or any over-the-counter medication.

Instead, the Queen has a more traditional and natural technique to deal with jet lag.

According to The Independent: “For jet lag, she takes homoeopathic medicines and barley sugar.”

Surprisingly, sugar is something that many experts recommend to avoid when trying to stave off the symptoms.

This is because it can cause a spike in blood sugar levels which will crash later, causing fatigue.

However, doctors always recommend seeing a GP first before trying any homoeopathic medicine in case it interferes with any other medication they may be on.

The Queen herself doesn’t purely travel private and she has been spotted on a commercial airline before.

She has travelled with British Airways during her reign, as have other members of her family.

The Queen first flew on a British Airways plane in 1952, when she found out about her father’s death. She then proceeded to use the British airline for another fifty years.

These days, the Queen tends to travel by Royal train. Royal expert Robert Jobson said last year: “Of course, at 92, 93 next birthday, she is not doing more long-haul flights. She did fly in 2015 to Germany by private jet.

“But the reality is, they use the royal train a lot. She has away days and she still carries them out to the best of her ability.”

The rest of the royal family travel of scheduled flights if possible. The private charters the family fly in vary depending on the distance and the size of the party.

However, they can only fly private on certain occasions. The private flight is afforded to the Royals when they are working hard, however, it is not used for every single business trip.

This is because the Queen sets a travel budget for her family, and they have been instructed not to break the bank when it comes to spending.

Taxpayer money funds these flights, meaning that the Royals cannot be seen to be spending money on luxury flights irresponsibly.

Whenever she does travel to foreign countries, however, the Queen does not take a passport. This is because all British passports are issued in the name of Her Majesty. 

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