Stanley Tucci's Travel Show Is About Italy—But He Really Wants to Go Back to Iceland

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Six years ago, I traveled to this little town in Iceland called Egilsstaðir to film a show called Fortitude. Part of my attraction to the role was the location. We flew to the town, which is about an hour’s flight from Reykjavík, in January, and stayed in this very boxy, very cookie-cutter hotel, and I thought, Oh, my God, what am I gonna do here! But there was this old farm about three quarters of a mile away, across a field, that had been turned into a hotel—Gistihúsið Lake Hotel. The same family has owned it since the late 1800s. There I was, walking across this field and looking at the northern lights, going into this more than one-hundred-year-old farmhouse, and eating an incredible meal of reindeer and fresh langoustines. It was just magnificent. 

I was also completely awed by the landscape. My castmate Michael Gambon and I shot one day on a glacier, and as we drove toward it, we passed through very rugged terrain with glacial waterfalls and rivers and streams and these jagged rocks. And the snow got deeper and deeper, until the road just cut straight through it, with 12-foot-tall white walls piled on either side. These sorts of experiences are part of why you become an actor. You end up in these places that you would never have visited otherwise. I suppose people would expect me to talk about Italy—and I could, ad nauseam. But I can’t stop thinking about this trip. There’s something that captivates me about Iceland, and once the pandemic is over I really want to take my two older kids. There’s a bleakness to it—but also this incredible, rough beauty. As told to Meredith Carey 

Tucci hosts Searching For Italy, which premieres on February 14 on CNN. This article appeared in the March 2021 issue of Condé Nast Traveler. Subscribe to the magazine here.

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