Theme park rides that were never built – from NASA coaster to Joker’s Madhouse

There are plenty of jaw-dropping theme park rides around the world.

From a rollercoaster that reaches 155mph speeds to a real life Super Mario experience and virtual Frozen ride, thrill-seekers are spoilt for choice.

So it should come as no surprise that some projects were so wacky they didn’t manage to get off the ground.

Best Kid Stuff rounded up 3D renderings of rides that ended up being scrapped before they were built.

From a NASA-inspired “space walk” to picturesque Fantasia Gardens, the attractions could have been out of this world.

Here are the theme park creations adrenaline junkies never got to try…

Batman vs The Penguin (Universal)

Apparently, Universal Studios considered launching a ride based on the 1992 film in the Batman franchise.

Danny DeVito played Penguin in the Tim Burton hit – and this character was considered for the attraction.

Guests would have the option to fly over the tracks as Batman or Penguin.

Carriages would chase one another through the Penguin’s subterranean realm that’s pepper with Gotham City’s Buildings and other movie props.

Sadly, the ride was scrapped before it was built – potentially because Universal’s partnership with DC ended.

Universal Studios unveiled a Duelling Dragons attraction at the Island of Adventure shortly after.

Space Jetpack Ride (Epcot)

We all know about Disney’s iconic Space Mountain ride, but this Epcot could’ve given the famous rollercoaster a run for its money.

The Space JetPack ride was thought-up in the 90s.

Designers proposed a track where visitors could hang from rails in jet-style carriages.

The seats were styled on NASA’s Manned Maneuvering Unit and speed through two-miles of space walk in artist impressions.

Unfortunately for space fans, the ride wasn’t made a reality.

Joker's Madhouse (Universal)

The Joker is one of the most iconic film villains of all time.

So it comes as no surprise that Universal considered dedicating an entire ride to him.

Designers of the Joker’s Madhouse wanted to portray a psychedelic version of Gotham.

As well as whizzing past the character’s giant face, they’d be able to spot the baddie’s gadgets.

For a final scare for riders, the end of the track would have left them speeding towards a dead-end.

Sadly, Universal’s departure with DC is probably why this ride didn’t get up and running.

Superman – Project X (Universal)

The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man ride is one of the most popular attractions at the Islands of Adventure in Universal Studios.

It’s a motion-based 3D dark ride that incorporates special effects like fireballs and lighting cues.

But the storyline of the attraction was actually intended to be used for a Superman ride instead.

In the original design, the Daily Bugle additions were sketched out as The Daily Planet instead.

We love the Spider-Man ride they come up with in the end tough so we’re not too disappointed about this one…

Fantasia Gardens (Disney)

Fantasia is one of Disney’s most iconic pictures.

The musical blends classical music with mythology – and Mickey Mouse comes along for the ride too.

To pay tribute to the 1940 hit, designers considered creating a themed area in Magic Kingdom.

In the 80s, they toyed with the idea of ditching its Swan Boats for a Fantasia-themed boat ride.

It wouldn’t have been very adrenaline-pumping but is bound to have been picturesque.

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