Top 10 cheapest cities in Spain for Britons – ‘incredibly charming’

New research from travel experts at Why This Place analysed the average cost of several factors in each city in Spain. After finding out the cost of a one-bedroom apartment to rent in the city centre, utilities, groceries and transport, the experts concluded that the town of Ávila, near the capital, is the most affordable for British expats.

The medieval city of Ávila, in Castile and León and only 54 miles from Madrid, ranked first as the cheapest town to relocate to in the Mediterranean country.

Although Ávila is not a seaside town, the beautiful city has a unique style and rich history, and living there will cost Britons just £378.46 on average.

Some of the most popular attractions in Avila are the Plaza Mayor, Las Murallas de Ávila, the Basilica de San Vicente and the Casco Historico de Avila, or old town.

A Tripadvisor user from Glasgow shared a review and explained that the old town is “a wonderful area to wander around”.

“Park the car and get out and walk, it is the only way to see the old town. Lots of little squares and narrow streets to navigate,” they said.

The Plaza Mayor, or the main square of the city, was described by a visitor as a “charming market square”.

Britons living in Ávila will enjoy an “incredibly charming market area” and a “lovely place to pick up some fruit and pastries as well”. The “atmosphere of a market in an ancient Spanish town,” the traveller opined.

Another British tourist commented that the city’s cathedral is “well worth a visit”. It is a “beautiful cathedral on the outside and is stunning on the inside,” they said.

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The coastal town of Ferrol, in Galicia, was named the second most affordable town in Spain with an average monthly cost of £467.18.

Ferrol is another charming town located on the Atlantic coast in north-western Spain and offers fantastic seafood and drinks.

According to the study, the average cost of a restaurant meal n Ferrol is just £9, the lowest price of all of the Spanish cities.

Huesca, in the northern province of Aragon, came third with an average cost of living of £474.94.

Cheapest cities in Spain

  1. Ávila
  2. Ferrol
  3. Huesca
  4. Ourense
  5. Cáceres
  6. Santiago de Compostela
  7. Jaén
  8. Torrevieja
  9. Jerez
  10. Gandia

A travel expert from Why This Place commented saying that “many Brits will be taking the opportunity to swap out the UK’s typically gloomy weather for the Spanish sunshine” this year “after the recent news that Spain’s digital nomad visa is now available”.

However, before making the big move, “it’s ideal to consider which locations would be the most cost-effective to make sure that you don’t spend too much of your monthly wage on essentials with little left over to embrace your new home”.

The experts found it “fascinating to see how inexpensive these cities are despite having so much to offer, from restaurants serving Spanish delicacies to historic monuments that make up some of the incredible culture”.

“It just goes to show that moving to a fantastic city doesn’t require living paycheck to paycheck, and it will be interesting to see which other countries open visas for digital nomads in the future,” they added.

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