The popular tourist destinations with new rules for British tourists

Tourists don’t always have the best reputation abroad. Some of the world’s most popular destinations have introduced new rules to try to control tourists’ bad behaviour.


With its ancient monuments, gorgeous beaches and delicious cuisine, Italy is one of the world’s top tourist destinations.

But tourists will need to be careful where they take a selfie if they’re planning to live la vita bella this summer.

The Italian village of Portofino has introduced a new rule banning tourists from loitering and taking selfies in some of its prettiest spots.

Tourists could also face fines of over £50,000 if they cause damage to monuments in Italy and could even be penalised for eating an ice-cream in the wrong spot.


The Dutch capital might once have been a leading destination for stag dos but a new campaign is urging young British men to ‘Stay Away’ from the city.

The new campaign has been designed to stop young men visiting the city to get drunk and visit Amsterdam’s Red Light District.

Amsterdam’s officials have also discussed banning tourists from visiting the city’s cannabis coffee shops and plan to move the Red Light District out of the city centre.

The ‘Stay Away’ campaign is hoping to stop party tourism and bring more cultural tourists to the city.

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Canary Islands

Lanzarote’s president came under fire after she said the popular Canary Island destination was oversaturated.

Island officials announced plans to ‘reduce dependence on the British market’ as part of their aim to become a destination for quality tourism.

Although the president then sought to assure Britons they would always be ‘welcome’, tourists may have to modify their habits in some parts of Spain.

Drinking laws in some parts of the Balearics ban all-you-can-drink deals and party boats while tourists could also face a six drink limit at all-inclusive hotels.


The stunning island of Bali is one of south-east Asia’s most visited hotspots. However, island officials have deported several tourists following incidents.

Tourists have got in trouble for posing naked on top of sacred mountains, riding scooters recklessly and offending local residents.

An official recently said tourists could be banned from riding motorbikes due to the risk of accidents.

Tourists have also been encouraged to cover up away from beaches to avoid offending local people.


From July, the New Forest is expected to introduce a new fine for tourists who pet or feed the park’s wild ponies.

The ponies can become aggressive if they are fed or may approach the road, increasing the risk of car accidents.

Manchester recently became the first city in the UK to charge a tourist tax with visitors paying £1 per night.

Officials hope the new scheme will raise £3million a year and four out of five hoteliers in the city voted for it.

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