Top signs of a true holiday – time to relax and unwind tops list

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One in three (31 percent) want to be able to eat every meal in a restaurant, and try new foods. And waking up later than usual, wearing clothes which don’t usually leave the wardrobe at home, and getting to enjoy evening entertainment every night, are also classed as crucial for a real holiday.

It also emerged more than a quarter (28 percent) find the idea of sitting on a beach for two weeks boring – with a fifth admitting they would rather a countryside retreat.

Simon Thompson, managing director for Warner Leisure Hotels, which commissioned the research, said: “We’re so lucky to live on such a beautiful isle – Brits can find a whole host of gems, quite often right on their doorstep.

“The results show you don’t have to travel for hours and hours to find a relaxing getaway and can experience all the joy of being somewhere new without any of the hassle.”

When quizzed on how long a “real holiday” should be, one in five said three days would be their minimum.

And 39 percent don’t consider a holiday to be so unless they are staying in a hotel.

More than a third (34 percent) must be able to see the ocean, while 24 percent want the opportunity to try activities they wouldn’t usually do at home.

And 41 percent like to have entertainment included on a break – although 68 percent want to be able to do their own thing.

Going to bed later than usual, dining at a buffet, and living out of a suitcase also features among the top 20.

The study also found 63 percent would be happy to consider a staycation, believing they can enjoy just as many world-class sights here in the UK as somewhere further afield.

And at the moment, 55 percent are more likely to take weekend breaks and short trips than weeks away.

Sadly, 43 percent of adults polled, via OnePoll, haven’t had a real holiday since the Covid-19 pandemic – and five percent said they need a break now more than ever.

Simon Thompson added: “It’s clear people appreciate all the UK has to offer – many may find it easier to switch off on a staycation and worry less about international travel and all it entails.

“Also, with the economic climate in its current state and the inflation of fuel prices, it’s no wonder holidaying closer to home has become so popular.

“Our newest hotel offers a country retreat but is only a stone’s throw from the likes of London and Birmingham – meaning less time travelling, and more time unwinding.”


  1. Having time to relax and unwind
  2. Being able to explore new surroundings
  3. Staying in a hotel
  4. Being able to see the ocean
  5. Eating all your meals in restaurants
  6. Trying new foods
  7. Having time to read
  8. Trying activities you wouldn’t usually get time to
  9. Waking up later than usual
  10. Wearing things you would never wear at home
  11. Enjoying evening entertainment each night
  12. Not always knowing what time it is
  13. Having to get money changed to local currency
  14. Getting a nice tan
  15. Having to put suntan lotion on
  16. Going to bed later than usual
  17. Dining at a buffet
  18. Living out of a suitcase
  19. Getting a new stamp in your passport
  20. Not being able to speak the language

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