Tourist shares tip to spot bedbugs in hotel room

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There’s nothing worse than leaving a relaxing hotel break with some unwanted stowaways. Bedbug bites are painful and itchy and the bugs can travel home with tourists in their clothing.

However, there are a few ways tourists can try to spot the animals before they get caught out.

A regular traveller wrote on Reddit: “When you get to the hotel room, immediately inspect the mattress and see it is spotless without a bedbug in sight.”

Tourists can lift the sheet on their bed to check that the mattress doesn’t have any signs of bedbugs.

However, another tourist said: “The headboard is usually where they congregate in hotels since they’re usually bolted to the wall and aren’t disturbed like the bedding is.”

As hotels change bedding daily or after each guest’s stay, bedbugs may be more likely to hide around the bed’s headboard.

Bedbugs generally congregate around corners and may be by the corner of a mattress if they are hiding.

They can also hide in the bed frame, on clothing, on furniture, behind pictures or even under loose wallpaper.

Tourists can check these places when they enter their hotel room to see if there are any telltale signs of bedbugs.

Signs of bedbugs

  • Spots of blood on bedding or the mattress – This comes from squashing a bug or from a previous bite
  • Small brown spots on bedding or furniture – This is bedbug poo
  • Small pearl-white spots – Bedbug eggs
  • Bedbugs can be dark yellow, red or brown and are around 5mm long

Symptoms of bedbug bites

  • On white skin, bedbug bites often look red while on black or brown skin they may look purple
  • People could have a reaction to the bites which may cause them to be itchy

How to treat bedbug bites

  • Put something cool, like a damp cloth, on the affected area to help with itching
  • Keep the affected area clean
  • Don’t scratch the bites

If a tourist has found evidence of bedbugs or bites, they should immediately inform the hotel staff.

Once home, tourists should wash their clothing on a hot wash of at least 60 degrees to kill any bugs.

Affected clothing should then be put in a plastic bag and placed in the freezer for around three to four days.

Check their luggage for signs of bedbugs if they have come from somewhere that had an infestation.

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