UK’s coolest city has an ‘amazing food scene’

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Nomads Nation analysed towns and cities around the UK to find the coolest city in the world. However, the lifestyle in the UK’s coolest city might come at a price.

UK’s coolest cities (Nomads Nation)

  1. London
  2. Portsmouth
  3. Brighton
  4. Edinburgh
  5. Oxford
  6. Manchester
  7. Bristol
  8. Exeter
  9. Belfast
  10. Cardiff

London was crowned as the UK’s coolest city while Cardiff, Edinburgh and Belfast took the top spots in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Nomads Nation said of London: “Eat sushi one night, go for a pub lunch the next day, hit up a fish and chip shop, wander a local market, stroll through one of the city’s many and large green spaces, there’s so much to get up to in the British capital.”

The team celebrated London’s “amazing food scene” and said there were an “unlimited amount of things to do”.

Conde Nast Traveller UK named Lisboeta, a Portuguese restaurant near Oxford Circus, the best restaurant in 2022.

Meanwhile, Time Out UK chose Singburi, Manteca and Quality Wines as its three best restaurants of the year.

London’s food scene is known for innovation and there are always plenty of new and exciting places to try.

Tourists can also visit one of the city’s food markets to sample a range of dishes and desserts.

While London still held onto the top shop, the team did note there was a “tonne of tourists in the centre” which could threaten its title as the UK’s capital of cool.

Portsmouth was named the second coolest city in the UK and could be the perfect spot for a coastal staycation.

The team said: “Portsmouth packs a whole lot of history into a relatively compact city. Set on Portsea Island, the city is home to a historic cathedral, medieval sea defences and row upon row of heritage houses where once upon a time there was a pub on every corner.”

Nomad Nations highlighted Gunwharf Quays, an outlet shopping destination and designer haven.

Tourists could also take a ferry over to the Isle of Wight for the day and Portsmouth is just a one hour journey from London.

Brighton was the third coolest city in the UK and the team said the seaside spot had “everything you could ever want”.

Edinburgh took Scotland’s top spot for its history and cultural highlights such as the Fringe Festival.

Belfast’s student nightlife was celebrated while the city is also close to many incredible natural attractions.

In Wales, Cardiff was described as “friendly and easygoing” as well as a “pretty fun place to live”.

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