Where will you travel when the pandemic ends? Readers share their post-pandemic trip plans

Harry Wenkert has big travel plans. He and his wife just booked a cruise to Venice, the Greek Islands, Turkey and Croatia for September.

September 2022, that is.

As the COVID-19 lockdowns continue, a lot of Americans are asking: Where will I travel when the pandemic ends? And when can I go?

It’s not Wenkert’s only trip. Between now and next year, he hopes to visit relatives in Colorado and California. When? “As soon as it’s safe to travel,” says Wenkert, a retired pharmaceutical industry marketer in Pittsburgh.

Where will you go after the pandemic?

Where will you go? And when will you go there?

“The reality is that the world will reopen in phases,” says Misty Belles, a spokeswoman for Virtuoso, a travel adviser network. “That will likely dictate where and when people travel again.” 

Belles already has her first post-pandemic trip selected: She’s visiting Paris. 

“I’m using the downtime to brush up on my French,” she says. “I miss Paris, my soul misses Paris. It’s where I return again and again.”

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