Dwyane Wade Can't Give You Packing Tips (His Stylist Does It for Him) — but He Can Give You the Ultimate Carry-on Bag

Though three-time NBA champion Dwyane Wade is best known for his incredible basketball career, he has also become known for his impeccable style (having his beautiful wife Gabrielle Union on his side doesn’t hurt either). So it makes sense that the Miami Heat guard, best-selling author, and entrepreneur — he has designed ensembles for Dsquared2, invested in STANCE socks, and in addition to endorsements with Amazon and Gatorade has his own production company — has now moved into the travel space for a collaboration with popular luggage brand Away.

In June, Wade debuted a matte black version of Away’s aluminum suitcases as sleek and sophisticated as his style, and the second installment of the collaboration launches today. It includes a two-tone blue suitcase and several smart accessories for ambitious travelers everywhere – from PVC packing cubes to a sleek, pebbled leather Dopp kit. After all a man this busy is bound to be on the go a lot, but that doesn’t mean style has to be sacrificed.

Between collaborating with Chance the Rapper and considering the purchase of his own NBA team, Wade chatted with Travel + Leisure about his travel style.

Travel + Leisure: What’s the one thing you cannot travel without?

DW: “My iPhone.”

What’s your favorite carry-on bag?

“Funny you should ask… It’s my Away x Dwyane Wade Aluminum Matte Black Bigger Carry On”

You are a very stylish guy. Do you have an airplane uniform?

“A sweat suit since I opt for comfort when traveling. I prefer hooded sweatshirts so I can cover my face when sleeping. But let’s be clear here, they are still stylish sweat suits.”

What do you always order to eat/drink on a plane?

“Water, it is important to hydrate, especially as an athlete.”

What would you never eat on a plane?

“Sloppy Joes.”

Is there a certain pair of shoes you always pack?

“My WOW Essence Lifestyle sneaker, which are multi-purpose.”

Do you try to keep up with your workout regimen when you are traveling so much or do you give yourself a break?

I take a short break when the season is over then go back to it. I love to eat so working out has to be part of my diet.”

What’s your packing philosophy?

“I don’t pack. My stylist does and she gives me a lot of options. I like options! Next year I am going to try to only use a carry-on when traveling.”

What’s the best vacation you’ve ever taken?

This is such a hard question, because I go on some amazing trips with amazing people. If I had to pick the best I would say Italy with Gab and my son Zion. You want to give your kids the world and that starts by showing them the world.”

What’s the best hotel you’ve ever stayed at?

The Peninsula Paris.”

What’s the one place that surprised you?

China. No matter how many times you go you can always find something new.”

What’s the one place you’ve never been to, but you’ve always wanted to visit?

It’s a toss-up between Thailand and Fiji.”

Away x Dwyane Wade Suitcase

To buy: awaytravel.com, from $225

Away x Dwyane Wade Dopp Kit

To buy: awaytravel.com, $150

Away x Dwyane Wade Duffel Pack

To buy: awaytravel.com, $350

Away x Dwyane Wade Packing Cubes

To buy: awaytravel.com, from $25

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