Tokyo's Pokémon Café Has Limited-edition Treats for Halloween, and You Gotta Eat 'Em All

This fall, Tokyo’s Pokémon Café is dressing Pikachu up for Halloween.

Already fun and quirky on an ordinary day, the themed café has revamped its food and drink menu now through October 31, bringing avid fans and Pokémon Goers across the board five treats that are almost too cute to eat.

The Pikachu Halloween Yokubari Plate is a decked out version of a café staple. According to Nintendo Soup, the plate comes with a beef patty, hash browns, salad, a fried prawn, and mashed potatoes in the form of Pikachu’s face. For an extra 1,188 yen (approximately $11 USD), you can take home the limited-edition Halloween plate to serve up goodies at your next costume party.

For another savory dish, order the Gastly menchi katsu burger, which consists of minced meat and a bun Sora News 24 suspects is made with bamboo charcoal.

The Tangela Halloween Mont-Blanc is sweeter than it looks: it’s puréed chestnuts filled with enough whipped cream to please any sugar fiend.

Or you can try the spooktastic Golbat “Dokudoku” Float drink, a berry and syrup-full concoction topped with ice cream and more syrup.

To reenergize after all your hearty eating, get the Pikachu Halloween Chestnut Latte, which you can order either hot or iced.

Can’t make it to Tokyo before Halloween? Have no fear: the Pokémon Café serves Pokémon-themed food and drinks all year long, from the Gengar smoothie to the Pikachu omelette and Jigglypuff cheesecake.

While you’re at the café, take time to browse the adjoining Pokémon Center. The largest in Japan, it sells Pokémon merchandise inspired by the café, such as Pokéball mugs and thermos flasks stamped with the café logo.

To grab a spot at what is sure to be an iconic Tokyo establishment, make sure you reserve your table 30 days ahead.

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