Hotel worker shares method for picking a hotel and what to avoid

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Picking a hotel can be tricky, especially if tourists are trying to keep a budget. Hotel workers have shared how they pick a hotel and what they’d always avoid.

On Reddit, a hotel worker said: “Read between the lines. I always look for trends in reviews.

“Three claims of bedbugs a year apart most likely means no bedbugs and just a s****y customer who wanted to slander the hotel for a free night. Three claims in the same month and I think I will avoid them.”

Bedbugs are a nightmare and can inflict painful and irritating fights. The bugs can also hitchhike home with a tourist in their luggage.

Tourists should always check the hotel’s reviews to see if people have frequently mentioned bedbugs.

Another worker said: “When I travel there are a few things I take into consideration. I look at its location and its proximity to the things I want to do and the places I want to visit.

“No sense in staying in a luxury hotel that’s 45 minutes from everything. Next, I will look at the amenities the property offers.

“Many of the higher tier hotels offer things like spas and room service which I don’t use so there’s no need to pay a premium for that stuff.

“The higher tier hotels do have better beds and pillows but I can forego that for a cheaper rate.”

Location is extremely important when it comes to picking a hotel and tourists should always check the map.

If people are planning to go out at night, they’ll want to make sure their hotel is close to good nightlife.

If Britons are visiting a European city, they might want to check whether their hotel is near to public transport hubs.

Amenities are also important as tourists could pay a cheaper price if they’re not going to use any luxury services.

Another worker advised: “Brands have brand standards but a hotel’s ability to follow brand standards is entirely dependent on the staff.

“You can have an idea of what a hotel will be like based on who they would cater to. Cheap rates attract travellers with smaller wallets or travellers who don’t care as much about damage.”

Global hotel brands will usually have set standards for their properties which can give guests an idea of what the accommodation will be like.

However, this isn’t a given and tourists will still want to check out reviews to get a good idea of the property standards.

An employee added: “Depending on what matters to you, that room with free wifi, microwave and fridge, and complimentary breakfast in the morning could be a significantly better value than the expensive conference hotel with no fridge/microwave, no breakfast, and a fee for wifi.

“The decor of the expensive room might be marginally more appealing, and usually the bathroom is far more glamorous, but either can be dirty and run down, or either might be highly maintained and scrupulously cleaned.

“It depends on the owner and the management. Reviews are the best way to go, just be sure to sort them by most recent.”

The most recent reviews will give tourists the best idea of the property’s current standard and cleanliness.

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