Kate Middleton has to follow plane etiquette rule when travelling – but not Prince William

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Kate Middleton has enjoyed jet-setting all over the world with Prince William. Royals have plenty of rules they must adhere to when away and representing the Royal Family. However, it’s understood some guidelines only apply to the female members of the clan.

For instance, there is one rule the Duchess has to follow when travelling by plane.

It’s important she exits the aircraft displaying the correct etiquette.

The royals, particularly the women, must keep their chin level to the stairs as they leave the aircraft.

This etiquette rule means the woman in question not only has good posture but also allows them to appear engaged with what is in front of them.

However, they are permitted to hold onto the rail to steady themselves.

According to an expert, there is a fine balance between a chin that is too high, suggesting hastiness, and too low, which means disinterest.

Etiquette trainer Myka Meier told The Sun: “One should keep their back straight, chin parallel to the floor and square the shoulders.”

However, there are exceptions to this etiquette guideline.

When Kate travels with her children and is carrying them, she can be seen with her head more bowed as she leans in to reassure them.

Meanwhile, male royals often choose to walk ahead of their wives – something Prince William often does.

This is so they can make sure their partners don’t trip down the stairs, as well as to greet foreign dignitaries on the tarmac.

William is also often spotted “extending a hand backwards” to Kate when walking down the stairs, according to Meier.

This also shows care to help her down the plane steps which she often traverses in high heels.

However, this is not the case with Queen Elizabeth, 94,

When Her Majesty used to travel on royal tours she would walk ahead of her husband Prince Philip, 99.

This is due to her seniority, leaving the Duke of Edinburgh always walking a few steps behind her.

Etiquette rules for the royal extend further when travelling.

“Etiquette is all about being respectful and considerate to others, and members of the Royal Family want to make sure that their visits are both,” Anne Chertoff, COO of Beaumont Etiquette which runs a Duchess-themed etiquette course, told Express.co.uk.

“Before a member of the Royal Family leaves for a state visit, members of their staff will inform them of their schedule and the names and roles of the people they will be meeting with.”

“They will also be told what the proper greetings are in the country they are going to be in, as well as if there are any attire guidelines they need to follow.”

Chertoff added: “Another protocol revolves around gifting. Members of the Royal Family must graciously accept gifts they receive, and they are all recorded by the Palace.”

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