New hotel guide shares top 10 UK stays – for dogs

Nearly half of dog owners would like to treat their pooch to a hotel stay – and more than one in four say it is more important that their pet has the perfect trip, rather than them.

A poll of 2,000 dog owners found that over half (55%) think their pup deserves the same, luxurious hotel experience as them – with a dog bed (63%) and a dog bowl (38%) the top things they would like to see available in hotels.

A third (32%) of dog-lovers also think a detailed guide to local dog walking spots should always be available.

And 28% would be willing to compromise their own hotel experience, to make sure their pooch has the perfect stay.

This has led to nearly one in four (23%) spending more than 40 minutes scouring the web, comparing dog-friendly hotels to make sure their pet has the best possible vacation.

Following the findings, hotel booking platform, which commissioned the research, has created the Platinum Paws Guide, a new hotel grading system for dog-friendly hotels based on three key criteria – relaxation, amenities, and service.

It features dog-friendly hotels in the UK, such as Luton Hoo in Bedfordshire, which offers the opportunity to explore the 1,065-acre estate, as well as the Chesterfield in Mayfair, which has an onsite veterinary care unit, and Hotel 41 in London Victoria, which offers doggie-friendly champagne upon arrival.

The study also found 63% of owners want to see a dog-friendly rating system used across the whole hotel industry.

And 56% think there is more to be done by UK hotels to accommodate their beloved pets.

More than a third (34%) of dog owners have witnessed their dog showing signs of stress and anxiety while staying in hotels that did not adequately suit their pup's needs.

If this were the case, two in five (41%) of those polled, via OnePoll, would cut their own holiday short.

Duncan McKenna, founder of, said: “Pets have always been a part of our family, but now more than ever they are starting to enjoy all the same experiences.

“Often, we feel they are overlooked by the hotel industry and are simply seen as an addition, with an extra charge to have them stay.

“The platinum paws were set up to give Brits the best information on dog-friendly hotels, so that their pooches could get the best experience.

“It’s time for the whole family to be accounted for when planning staycations and holidays.”


  1. Luton Hoo Hotel, Golf, and Spa, Luton
  2. Newton House, Torquay
  3. Ashdown Park Hotel, Forest Row, East Sussex
  4. Hotel 41, London
  5. The Dunstane Houses, Edinburgh
  6. The Chesterfield Mayfair, London
  7. The Feathers, Woodstock
  8. Pen Mill Hotel, Yeovil
  9. The Roseate, Reading
  10. Francis Hotel, Bath

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