Yacht stewardess shares why millionaires ‘never book restaurants’

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The yacht stewardess, who wished to remain anonymous, revealed that “one of the most annoying things” of her job are “the table decorations”.

She explained: “The table decorations are crazy on the yacht… they have to be different for every meal and we create a different theme every day.”

Talking about why they “have to” offer that service, she said: “They [the owners] want something different and extravagant, just because they can! At the end of the day, we offer a ‘six-star’ service somehow, so every day there is a different theme on board to ‘give some ambience’.

“They also ask for it sometimes… Once, for instance, they said ‘We want to see a jungle’, so we did the jungle theme.

“We also do theme nights and themed parties, so you can imagine the organisation involved here is crazy. I spend a lot of hours planning these.”

The stewardess revealed the owners “never book anything themselves” when they want to go for lunch or dinner.

Instead, “there is a person on board called the purser who is in charge of the financial matters and to book restaurants and organise their escapes”.

“Like if we are in Ibiza, he will be responsible to get the VIP tickets for Ushuaia, the taxi to get there, etc.”

The crew member said that after working in a luxury yacht for over two years, “you know they are really rich” when they don’t mind spending “a lot on anything”.

She explained: “For example, they may go for dinner and they don’t mind spending £30,000 just in the restaurant. I’ve realised that’s when you are ‘really rich’, when you don’t care how much you spend on anything.

“The purser on board, for example, can get a table in the most amazing restaurant on the Amalfi coast that has a two-year waiting list for dinner that same night.

“When there is no table available, he just offers X amount of money or he says they will spend a minimum amount, which is always a lot of money. This is how you get impossible tables at restaurants!”

The stewardess previously explained their job consists of being always available for them without asking anything or “bothering them”. So how do they know what the owners like?

The crew member said that although “sometimes there are surprises on board”, they usually know what they are like and what they want before they arrive.

This is because their assistant informs them in advance about the things they like to eat and drink. “Because we have to go grocery shopping for them too!” she said.

The stewardess shared with Express.co.uk the daily routine of a crew member on board a £100million yacht: “We have our own schedules and routine… usually the first stewardess gets up at 7am to start opening everything, preparing breakfast, etc.

“But sometimes the owner gets up at 6am and says he wants to coffee ‘now’, and you can see us all running around to prepare everything.

“We basically spend the whole day working for these people, from the moment they wake up to the moment they go to bed you need to be available for them.”

The crew member unveiled the average salary for a stewardess is around £3,000 but captains can get up to £20,000 a month.

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