You Can See Thousands of Monarch Butterflies at This National Park in Canada

This is not some magical wonderland — it’s just a gorgeous park in Canada.

Visitors to Point Pelee National Park, along the shores of Lake Erie, can enjoy viewing thousands of monarch butterflies who have stopped at the park on their way to Mexico for their seasonal migration in September and October each year.

The butterflies are in the area to rest before continuing on their journey. “They’re waiting for the right condition to cross,” Andrew Laforet, the interpretation coordinator for Point Pelee National Park, told the CBC.

According to the CBC, the butterflies stop in clusters. They will be viewable to visitors until mid-October, as there are hundreds and possibly even thousands of clusters making their way south.

However, it can be unpredictable when you can spot some butterflies. According to Laforet, windy or rainy days are actually ideal for butterfly watching, since the weather makes them “hunker down” until they have better conditions to fly. Early mornings and sunsets are also great viewing times.

Visitors may not have a lot of luck finding clusters on warm, sunny days since that is the best time for the butterflies to continue their migration.

People have been sharing their best butterfly pictures on social media, and it’s easy to estimate that there are certainly droves of the pretty, winged insects all over the park.

It’s the perfect time to fire up the ‘gram before all those little butterflies are gone.

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