Backpackers cop backlash after slamming Australia on social media

Backpackers are taking to social media to moan about Australia’s cold winter weather and tough farm jobs — but their comments have stirred a backlash.

One whinger was Maria Shaw, from the UK, who wrote a lengthy post on a popular backpacker Facebook page about her disappointing 47 days in Australia — saying her “high expectations” hadn’t been met.

The young Pom took aim at “daft” working conditions on Aussie farms, the cost of living, constant “rain and storms” and restrictions on parking vans.

Maria Shaw hit out in a social media post. Picture: FacebookSource:Facebook

Greek backpacker Mary Kyropoulou also wasn’t happy. Picture: FacebookSource:Facebook

She wrote she bought a van to travel around Australia with her partner, but the trip was hampered by parking restrictions as well as expensive groceries, fuel and camping.

The pair had travelled along Australia’s east coast from Cairns to Brisbane but had struggled to find work.

“The farm jobs advertised are under the condition that you have to pay accommodation to them which is usually shared rooms,” she wrote.

“Not to mention if we have a van why should we pay to work somewhere, trying to earn money and bought the van to save money. It’s pretty daft.”

She added they struggled to meet new people.

“Have only stayed in one hostel so I guess haven’t socialised too much either which I’m sure does have a big impact. Maybe it’s cause (sic) we’re a couple?” she wrote.

Her sentiment was echoed later by Greek backpacker Mary Kyropoulou, who bagged out Australia for being “such a waste of time”.

In a since-deleted post, Ms Kyropoulou wanted to know why she was made to work in bars and farms.

Ms Kyropoulou has since deleted her post. Picture: FacebookSource:Facebook

Ms Shaw travelled with her partner (pictured). Picture: FacebookSource:Facebook

She accused locals of showing “no appreciation towards foreigners”.

“Can’t wait to go back to Europe, where university degrees are more important than a bunch of meaningless cards that require no intelligence to obtain,” she wrote.

“No appreciation at all towards foreigners… we all came here to become just waiters and farmers… what? Didn’t we?”

However, the tourists’ comments were met with disdain by patriotic social media users, who hit back in numbers.

“If you don’t like the place, don’t think something is wrong with you!! Just leave and go somewhere else!!’ one wrote.

“If you aren’t enjoying yourself then you should probably leave. Or open your mind and enjoy the fact that you are on the other side of the world,” added another.

“Here’s a plan, change your attitude, do a bit more research and go exploring,” a third chipped in.

The backpacker comments have been slammed by Aussies. Picture: FacebookSource:Supplied

“I guess you can’t please everyone so maybe a ticket home would be a better plan.”

However, some Aussies, such as Jasmin Wall, chimed into the debate, asking Aussies to rethink the way they treat tourists in their country.

“Please treat foreigners in Australia with respect,” Ms Wall wrote. “They have worked hard to come here.

“They are our guests. Be hospitable, kind and decent. Give them a reason to come back. You are representing Australia. What do you want our relationship with the world to be like?”

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