Abu Dhabi launches instant licensing for small-sized energy firms

The Abu Dhabi Department of Energy (DoE) has partnered with Abu Dhabi Digital Authority (ADDA) to launch instant licensing services for small-sized energy businesses through the Tamm, the government services system of the Abu Dhabi government, the DoE announced on Saturday.

According to the UAE’s state-run WAM news agency, eligible Abu Dhabi businesses will benefit from free-of-charge two year licences that “facilitate the minimum requirements and operational steps.”

The new licences will be issued by Tamm within one working day.

“This new facility aligns with Abu Dhabi’s strategic direction by increasing the ease of obtaining licenses and by creating an environment conducive to conducting busness,” said Hamad Al Ameri, licensing and compliance section head at the DoE. “DoE is keen to maximise the benefits from the sophisticated digital infrastructure of Tamm to provide our sector with the highest quality services.”

Activities that owners can receive licenses through Tamm include water production, treatment and desalination, electricity generation and collection by solar cells, wastewater collection, treatment, recycling and disposal and the storage, distribution and supply of electricity and water for self-usage.

Licenses can also be obtained for the supply, sale and purchase of water by tankers, as well as the collection and disposal of wastewater by tankers.

Abu Dhabi’s DoE is the entity responsible for recommending and executing plans for the UAE’s energy sector which relate to oil and gas, water and electricity, sewage and district cooling.

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